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Memories of New York

Today i was going around with this NY classic hat, and i realized that i really love it, first of all because it’s the first thing I got when I arrived in the “big apple” last year, where i lived for 6 months ( I told myself “Ok big Mario, when you get there the first thing you have to do is buy a beer a cigar and a Yankees hat! And I did it.) and second of all because it reminds me of Jay-Z’s song “Empire State of Mind” I Love it and i love Jay-z!

Whatever this was the outfit enjoy and Keep Rock It!
Oggi sono andato tutto il giorno a spasso con questo cappellino degli Yankees in testa, e mi sono reso conto di quanto in realtà ci sia affezionato.
Prima di tutto perchè è stato il primo acquisto appena sono arrivato nella “grande mela” (Mi sono detto: Caro vecchio Mari appena arrivi ti prendi una bella birra un sigaro e ti compri un cappellino degli Yankees da vero NewYorkese:) e così è stato.)
E secondo perchè mi ricorda moltissimo la canzone di Jay-z “Empire state of Mind



  1. Ohhh. You are making me nostalgic for NYC. Love it, especially in the summer.

    Nice Yankees cap, btw. In white? niceee. I want one in navy blue with the white lettering and I think you’ve inspired me to get one next time I go.

    And on Jay-Z -> agreed. The man can do no wrong. Great post, Mariano.

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