‘What do women want?’ is a question that has haunted mankind for many centuries. Countless books were written on the matter, Freud is famous for posing this question and not being able to answer it, and Mel Gibson is famous for making a bad movie about it, entitled, yes, What Women Want. And since it’s proved so difficult to answer this question, buying a gift for a woman is understandably difficult. Buying a gift for a classy woman should prove downright impossible. But not with our help. Here are 5 amazing ideas concentrated into the simplest gift guide for your classy lady.



Of course this comes first because you can never go wrong with jewelry, right? Except that you do. All the time. Actually, you never seem to be able to pick something to her liking. Her jewelry style is impossible to predict and pin down and she always ends up getting something she is then obliged to wear.
But not necessarily. Because there is a loop hole in the system and that loop hole is called pearls. All classy women love pearls. They are a natural gem, soft, white, and creamy that reminds them of innocent times. If your lady is classy, then pearls are definitely the way to go. Buy her a simple pearl pendant, maybe even with a black pearl, for a touch of uniqueness. Depending on her personal style, the chain can be either gold or platinum.



You heard it well, buy her a dress. She will absolutely love it, mostly because it will be a completely unexpected gift. Now, you may be a bit scared to go dress shopping for your girlfriend, but there are some tricks you can pull, that guys everywhere use. For example, for guaranteed success, don’t buy her anything too colorful or with patterns and designs. Stick to a simple dress, basic and classy.
The dress is just part of the gift. Leave it somewhere for her to find, preferably on the bed or on a coat hanger on the door. Leave some flowers and a small note next to it asking her to put the dress on and meet you at restaurant X. Because you will also be planning a dinner like she never attended before. That should get you in her good books!



When you’re trying to find a special gift for your classy lady, perfume is another great idea. Also, this is the moment to splash out and get her a few ounces of a luxurious brand she’s always wanted for herself. If you don’t know exactly what luxury brands she would prefer, ask her friends. They are bound to know.
You can ask the producers or the shop you’re buying it from to actually put the essence in a special bottle, if you want. You can have the bottle engraved, put her name on it, so that it really is her essence or add small pearls and precious gems to it. This will truly be a gift she will never forget.
Ladies always pine for very rare fragrances. Indeed, they buy the regular ones from their favorite houses. But those houses also release, from time to time, special or luxury editions of their perfumes. Therefore, don’t miss out on the chance to spoil your special lady.


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Another classy item you can buy your lady is a beautiful nightgown. You need to be careful, though, do a lot of research and visit many stores, because you need to find the perfect one. What you’re going for here is to make her feel special and almost regal in this night time apparel. Nothing too revealing or see through. Scantily clad is not your goal. Instead, you want to dress her in that type of nighty she sees in old romantic movies.
Therefore, a few pointers would be to look for a nighty made of satin or silk, opaque, and maxi. It can have a slit somewhere if you know she’s going to like that and an amount of lace depending on her taste. You can also buy her the matching robe, or simply stick to the night gown. This particular gift will be appreciated not because it’s unexpected, but because she would never buy this for herself. She wants it, but it’s too impractical. So, this is where you swoop in and make one of her dreams come true.



What’s life without a little music? Nothing, really. And I’m sure your lady agrees. Therefore, make her reminisce her childhood by giving her a one of a kind vintage musical box. It can be in any shape and design you fancy. Actually, if you can find one that plays one of her favorite songs or is personalized, it’s even better. If not, don’t despair. Generic music boxes can work magic, too.
Here is a gorgeous example we found. It’s based on a very old egg style Faberge music box. It’s small and cute, not to mention adorned with crystals. The sea-foam turquoise is very calming and refreshing and the gold lining adds a touch of luxury and class to this ludic gift.

Here is how buying a gift for your classy girlfriend turned into a fun an interesting adventure, rather than a headache. Remember to keep it simple and personalized and you cannot go wrong with that!

Credits: writed by Heather Carlson

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