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Hi my friends!!!!! I just realized how much I love you all.. 17.000 of you are following my pictures on INSTAGRAM and I really appreciate this. Means a lot to me.

Anyway as I told you I was in Barcelona for couple of days and even if I’m full of clothes I had to buy something in Barca, just for the pleasure to shop, and….

I bought this cool sweater/hoodie from BLANCO witch is really cool because of the fabric and because of the fantasy, with this green and brown that makes everything like a “golf” uniform if you know I mean:)
Any way I loved to go around with my lovely and confortable shoes of “CRIME” Check them out and… enjoy the sunset.



Ciao bbelli!
Spero stiate tutti alla grande.
Come molti di voi che mi seguono su Instagram sanno sono stato a Barcellona, e ovviamente ho fatto del sano shopping, e questa felpina Verde che fà molto golfista è uno degli acquisti, insieme alle mie stupende CRIME SHOES che mi sono state recapitate a casa dal brand, davvero belle e comode!

Bhè godetevi le foto del tramonto, ci vediamo lunedì! ;)


  1. Haha, that mini ponytail is priceless. Kind of a throwback to the samurai hairstyle, a little bit, very cool :D

    Anywhoo, loving the green hoodie. That’s an amazing color. And congrats on all the instagram followers. That’s pretty awesome.

    • Ciao Daniele, è scritto alla fine del post, comunque Jeans sono Cheap Monday e T-shirt al trovi ora in tutti gli H&M :)
      Un abbraccio

  2. Ciao Mariano,

    Complimento per il vostro blog! Molto interessante, con looks veramente di buon gosto!

    Sono il Marketing Manager di una dittá in Brasile chiamata Villa Vittini, abbiamo una unittá di moda maschile molto interessante.

    Ti invito a fare una visita nel nostro negozio virtuale: http://www.villavittini.com.br, e al nostro Intagram @villavittini



  3. Hello ! I’ve seen your blog and i have to say that your looks are amazing, but i have one question. Where did you get this green jacket from ? I like it a lot, all your clothes suits you very well…keep up the good work, good luck with your projects !

  4. I became a fan when I found you on Instagram. I like your style and your sense of humor. Thanks for sharing your lifestyle and fashion sense. I am learning alot.

  5. Hi! Awesome blog and your taste in clothes are insanely good. I wish I could been able to dress like that. I just have to ask – where did u buy that hood shirt? I need it now… it need it bad hehe!

    Thnx and continue going strong.

    P.s. Your hair is epic too though

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