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I have to start saying sorry to all of you..

for this week of distance, but I’ve been in Crociera Grimaldi direction Barcelona, and all of you that follow me on instagram probably know that I finally got my new bike! Witch I love, so it was a busy week!! :)

I don’t know what to start with, Barcelona was amazing , is the third time I went there, and is beautiful as always, I went to the Boqueria Market to the Park Guell, Casa Batllò and lots of different places that I saw 10 times now, but its still good to see them.

Any way I got my new motorbike, my HORNET I love it, I’m having so much fun with it, and I wanted to show you so because I received some staff from MASSIMO BONINI show room as weel I did everything together because the combination was so amazing in my opinion.
All in black, with my dark grey bike made me think about BATMAN, that is why I called it STEALTH! :D

Any way the pochette is BB Washed, the Shoes are BB Washed the blazer is RESHò and the trousers are NO NAME and my bike is of course a HONDA HORNET.

Hope you enjoy !


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