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Let me first say that every time I do a photo-shoot, when I see the pictures few months later, I always think “wtf I look like my grandpa” !!
I don’t know why but I always think that, maybe because I look a way older then in real life. (Yeah sure Mariano, sure!)
Anyway, this was a street style shooting  for R2R, in few days I’m supposed to get some clothes from this brand so I’ll talk about it much better, for know let me tell you this:
This is one of those jobs I got trough my agency and basically the “owner” of the brand already knew about me, so I was kind of sure I was gonna get the job! (Yes sorry for the guys that came to the casting, I apologyse, this is life :D haha) so I went to this casting all messed up with sweet-pants and my hoodie on! I felt so damn ROCK!
This is the Video of the backstage, it’s really nice and funny check it out!

Whatever you wouldn’t tell by the pictures, but trust me IT WAS SO DAMN COLD!! But fun and professional as well.A Great day of shooting, yep! Check out the pictures and keep rocking guys! Talk to you in a bit.

Peace & love



  1. You look great! You don’t look old or cold. The location is a great match for the clothes. Its very high fashion. Who won the card game between you and the other guys?

  2. Pauahahahah you are te best!!!! You so funny man! You have that incredible Italian touch on the style and on the way you wear clothes and an incredible attitude when you write! Pretty good job man! Congrats!!

  3. Old? nah. As they would say in spanish “Ideas tuyas” haha, not at all. But I think everyone perceives their own pics of themselves different when they see them, right? :D

    And props to you because from the pics you would never tell that it was a cold day. I thought it was summer time LOL because of the earthy look of the shoot.

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