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Basically what I mean for “A piece of cake.” is that you don’t need money to be cool.. but just be cool ! As anyone from London should know “A piece of cake.” is a way to say that something is really easy to do!
So don’t be desperate like me in this picture!:)
Smile! Because I’m about to show you how easy is to look cool with just a “Wine Grape”…I SWEAR! lol

That’s how the next Outfit  is going to look like:

-cheap                = COOL

                        Stay tuned, all the pictures up in a little bit!!!!

Praticamente quello che voglio dirvi con il modo di dire Londinese “Un pezzo di torta.” è che non c’è bisogno che una cosa sia complicata per essere d’effetto, basta che sia d’effetto!:)
Quindi non disperate come me in questa foto, perchè stò per dimostrarvi quanto basta poco per essere COOL. Anche con un grappolo d uva!:D
Questo è come sarà il prossimo outfit..
-Economico           = COOL

                               State connessi.. a breve online tutte le foto! 


  1. You are one good style blogger. I’m learning a lot about male fashion through your site. It’s great to see so much people with such natural and fun style. I say this because as a girl, the fashion blogs that I follow are more focused on fashion for women so I don’t get to see too much on guy fashion. And all these guys are incredibly street chic. Very cool.

    And loving that phrase: “Good artists copy, the biggest steal” – so true, haha!

  2. A wine grape? Ok, I am intrigued now LOL.

    And it is all about the attitude that you carry as well. Agreed.

    I like how you added a pic for dramatic effect, haha.

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