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Music is the driving force behind a collection full of flair, with a distinctly 80s feel. Musical instruments become prints, oversize top heavy silhouettes punctuate a collection which merges Sicilian tailoring with flamboyant fashion statements. This is the new  S/S 17 Dolce & Gabbana fashion show. WHERE CREATIVITY IS BORN Music and style are strongly interconnected. […]

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HAUTE COUTURE LOVES ITALY – THE BEST ITALIAN FASHION SHOWS That’s probably for the great history and the secular traditions. That’s probably for the warm blooded people. And the colors of the streets. I think, yes, that’s it. Haute couture definitely loves the joyful, chaotic communities. You can think about Valentino’s last campaign, taken by […]

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There’s a think you have to know: you don’t need to pack your entire wardrobe for holidays. The common mistake when you pack up and go to holidays, with the real risk to exceeding the maximum weight of your bags (Ryanair docet), it’s precisely that. You should know that the most brilliant way to create […]

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It’s a fact: this year is a nineties revival. Asymmetries, high-waisted jeans, Stan Smith, big t-shirts, it-models, tv series… let’s talk about it: it’s like we took the nineties to make them better. Just kidding, nineties were awesome. But let’s face it, we make these years trends more stylish. I mean, posterity will judge, but […]

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Let’s face it, we all want to have a Victoria’s Secret Angel ABS. Especially this summer, where crop tops are the ultimate trend. Gigi is a master of ABS, and she revealed how does she get her so ripped body. Her supernaturally toned core are the result of hard, constant work. The fitness routine of Gigi is […]

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Look at these photos, don’t you think “Ohhh, these children are sooo cute!” And you have to know something: these child are not only cute, they’re super cool! The Seoul Fashion Week is different because of this babes! Men and women are very stylish, but their child are even better! The trend that we saw […]

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