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-Sometimes you see people walking on the street or in the metro, and you say to your self “my god that guy was so cool, i’d love to take him a picture to see exactly what he’s wearing”
Well, here you go! Look what they have, and see what you like and what you can adjust to your personal look.
Remember: “Good artists copy, the biggest still”

-Vi è mai capitato di camminare per strada e dire a voi stessi “dio quel tipo è vestito troppo figo, vorrei fargli una foto per vedere nel dettaglio cosa aveva!”
Bene, here you go! Guarda cosa hanno questi ragazzi e vedi se c’è qualcosa che puoi abbianare al tuo stile.
Ricorda: ” I bravi artisti copiano, i grandi artisti rubano.”


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  1. You are one good style blogger. I’m learning a lot about male fashion through your site. It’s great to see so much people with such natural and fun style. I say this because as a girl, the fashion blogs that I follow are more focused on fashion for women so I don’t get to see too much on guy fashion. And all these guys are incredibly street chic. Very cool.

    And loving that phrase: “Good artists copy, the biggest steal” – so true, haha!

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