These babies know what they’re doing. And they’re pretty awesome.

These Instagram Stars are only child, but they’re super stylish kids! Obviously, they’re not the stylist of themselves, but I can assure you that what they have is the kind of extra effort that’s gotten them where they are today. They know exactly how to work their looks.

These babies have all the characteristics of a professional fashion blogger, but with one more thing: they are cute, lovely, pretty little child. I mean, when you see a fashion blogger around the web you can say “oh, this outfit looks really good”, but when you see an adorable stylish kid the only thing you can say it “oh, I love him”, with your lovely dovey eyes!

Ok, let’s talk about them!

stylish kidsLittle Kyan’s hat collection could rival any well-dressed adult’s. Follow @jetaimekyan./Blogger James Kicinski McCoy dresses her daughter in comfy-chic looks, like this animal print sweater and tulle skirt.
Follow @bleubird./Three year old Rylee already has her own style staples: sunglasses and black booties. Follow her mom @kelli_murray.

bimbi 2As if baby Beau’s blonde hair and blue eyes weren’t cute enough, he rocks suspenders and cuffed jeans like it’s a piece of cake. Follow @belandbeau./Lucas follows in his stylish mom’s footsteps with perfectly-accessorized outfits. Follow @lilliesandleon./Blogger Collette styles her two sons in celebrity-inspired outfits—look out Ryan Gosling. Follow @ministylehacker.
bimbi 3Three-year-old Laerta has a trendy wardrobe with a sassy pout to match. Follow @fashion_laerta./Gavins impeccable style will have you second guessing his age. Follow @gavster_07./Stella loves patterns, from birds to bananas to lipstick pouts. Follow @lindseybelle.


Questi bimbi sanno quello che fanno. E sono semplicemente fantastici.

Queste Instagram star sono solo bambini, ma super stilosi! Ovviamente non si vestono da soli, ma posso assicurarti che hanno quel qualcosa in più che li ha fatti arrivare dove sono oggi. Sanno esattamente come far funzionare il loro look.

Questi adorabili bambini hanno tutte le caratteristiche di un fashion blogger protagonista, ma con qualcosa in più: sono piccoli, belli e dolci. Voglio dire, quando vedi un fashion blogger su internet puoi pensare “wow, quell’outfit è davvero interessante”, ma quando vedi uno di questi marmocchi stilosissimi l’unica cosa che puoi dire è “oh, lo amo!”, con gli occhi a cuoricino!

Source: Harper’s Bazaar, Instagram



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