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What’s up guys?
Are you ready for the #MDVchallenge?
The challenge is a series of exercises we are going to do for the next 20 days everyday, to burn the extra fat and give a bit of volume to our ABS and to the rest of the body a little. Only 10 minutes a day, if you can do it 2 times on a row, no need of the gym.

I’m sure you guys are gonna see nice results, so if you need me to give you more advanced tips and suggestions please leave a comment below and put a like ;)

1) Chest 30 sec
2) Abs 30 sec
3) Legs 5 jumps X2 (at the fifth one stay 10sec)
4) Core/abs 30 sec
5) Abs/core
6) Obliques Abs 30sec
7) Lower abs
8) Abs and balance
9) Abs and legs
10) Back



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