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Here we have the most seen video of “how to make Mariano’s hairstyle” check it out and leave a comment!

Hey guys whats’up? Today I’m going to show you the way I wash, dry and fix my hair.
Check this out and let me know!


  1. bellissimo l’orologio con il quadrante dell’interruzione delle trasmissioni…
    come posso trovarlo? marca, negozi on-line ecc. ecc.
    grazie e complimenti per le chicche!

  2. Hey Mariano
    I have a question to you. How long is your hair, more than 10 cm or under 10 cm?
    I though maybe about 10 to 12 cm
    Greetings from Switzerland :-)

  3. Great hair!!! Luv the volume and the colour… I’d luv to try dye my hair… thou my hair is darker… any advice????

  4. Mariano! Love this! May I copy it? Love this site. Super cool. Love your style.

    I just wish I could afford to dress similarly! I saw you wear some stuff from Old Navy!!! Any other American stores you shop from?

    Hello from the U.S.!

  5. hello guys! I have detected the hairstyle product!!!!!!! I know! I’m the best! the wax in the video is Davines Defining Wonder Wax!!!!!! Thhanks thanks soo much guys!!!!! Mariano ti stimo! Ottimo lavoro! ;)

  6. Hi Mariano, I’m such a big fan of yours! and have the coolest hair I’ve ever seen where ;D
    Peace Man .
    pls follow me on instgram . @abdulivaldrin95

  7. hello.i am from greece.your hair are just amazing.good job to hairdresser.i have a quenstion.how long is your hair on top and on the sides and how do you cut your hair.thanks!!!

  8. I’m almost sure Mariano often use Hanz de Fuko, I guess the products called spongewax/quicksand mixed with hybridized wax or something like that. Blowdry it with a little bit hybridized wax in it and than do spongwax in it, I’m sure you will get the same volume etc. !

  9. I don’t know how he does … I saw this video clip and I thought this wax would be an excellent hair product but it left my hair very greasy. I have a nice straight shiny hair but when it put this wax on my hair was a mess

    I read the other reviews that it is not … not true ..! I wasted my money but maybe I’m just an idiot that doesn’t know how to use it !!

    I’m very disappointed with my self!

  10. Beh. Con i tuoi capelli e’ facile realizzare ogni tipo di taglio.. Comunque complimenti per il tuo buon gusto, mai eccessivo e spesso giusto per ogni occasione. Ho 52 anni ed anch’io ho sempre curato molto il mio look, soprattutto ora non più giovanissimo ma pur sempre ‘ in good shape’.
    Un saluto, ed ancora in bocca al lupo per il tuo blog.

  11. I wish i could ix my hair like that, but it’s hard to do it by myself, it’s a very good look, it would be great seing you do it yourself so we could learn! :)
    You’re awesome!

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