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It’s always good to see a Man in white.

Hey guys what’s up??
I’m really good, I’m actually about to leave Sweden, direction Spain.
Some friend of mine are waiting for me in Barcellona, and then we will drive to Tarifa for some good Surf! Can you imagine how exited I am?
Well, by the way, before this long trip will start (and If you want to follow it I suggest you to check Instagram and Facebook daily because I’m going to upload pictures) I’ll show you this outfit and some others that will be published in few days.

This is a all white suit/pajamas made by Y-3, it is so damn comfortable and cool.
Hope you like it, I know is a bit unusual but it’s kind of cool especially for the summer.

Hope you loved it.


DSC_0575b DSC_0569 DSC_0530 DSC_0514 DSC_0508a


  1. I can imagine. All I ever hear is really great things about Barcelona. Good luck on your trip.

    On the white. Agreed. It is good to see a man in white considering not many people are willing to go there and dress in all white.

    Love the shoes. The shoesss are awesome.

  2. Hi Mariano! I’m glad your summer is amazing! Traveling and having so much fun!!! Loved this post so much! Half of my clothes are white! It’s my favorite color in clothes!! Be safe and have fun! Much love!!!! :D :D xoxo C

  3. I love this look! Its really so cool with all white, ive been wearing it myself, but ive been looking for a white blazer that is a bit more relaxed. Just one question: Im trying to find this on their website but Im not finding it, is it the womens, or a previous season or something? Love your style btw. Enjoy Barcelona!

  4. Hi Mariano, if you Look a good places for surf, check out “Zicatela beach” Is in puerto escondido (México) Is so beautiful, in november there are competition, in fact , Playa Zicatela has become home to the International Surfing Tournament, number 1 for surfing practice nationally and third in the world, well i hope this information help you…kisses :***

  5. Hi from Spain! I saw on your Instagram account that you stopped om Granada, were you able to have a look around my beautiful city? Did you like it? I love your blog and your style, hope we had italian men in Spain! Have a great time surfing in Tarifa, besos!

  6. Hello Mariano,

    Please could you make a post of what products you prefer for your hair – Wax, Oil, Hairspray ?

    I see this question over and over again but it doesn’t seem like you have ever answered it. I think you would help and make a lot of people happy by answering this.

    You have probably tried a lot of different brands and types of waxes on all the different jobs and must have found some favourites depending on what hairstyle you go for.

    I still haven’t been able to find a proper product for “longer” hair (almost like you) which makes me run my fingers through it and be able to re-fix it during the day and still having a firm hold so my hair doesn’t totally colapse.

    Thanks for sharing.

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