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Bad hair days are normal, even for someone like me! They can happen to anybody, on any given day! And when they do, no matter how hard you try, no matter how many times you restart, your hair that day just decides to hate you. One of my worst nightmares in the build up to my wedding day, was that I would wake having a bad hair day! Imagine the catastrophe!? The horror!

Thankfully, my wedding day was a successful hair day –thanks to the amazing new hair product that i used for the special occasion: Hanz De Fuko ! Styled by hairdresser Roberto Moretti!

In today’s blog, I’m going to show you the way I wash, dry and fix my hair… but not just on any regular day… I’m going to show you how I decided to do my hair on my wedding day, LIVE with actually footage from the day itself! In this gallery, you can check out the hair product that I chose to use on the biggest day of my life!

If you’re interested in styling your hair like me, visit www.hanzdefuko.com to check the product that made my hair awesome on my most important night out!

Watch how I fixed my hair: Part 1Part 2

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