Christmas gifts are a difficult choice: what is the best ideas to make an original present without bleed your wallet? Yes, because Hi-tech ideas are always appreciated, but they are often too much expensive! Here you can find some hi tech gift ideas under 50$, so your wallet and the sender of your gift will be happy booth. There are three categories are forecast to 3 kind of people: the fitness-lover, the couch potatoes and the adventurer.


For the fitness lovers, there are some fresh Christmas ideas:

hi tech

MISFIT FLASH: A happy-coloured fitness tracker, the flash display work like a button: connected with your phone, you can push it to take a selfie, or to stop the music. 39$

XIAOMI MI BAND: A smart, little fitness tracker to monitor your work out and your sleep. It is also a smart alarm clock. 19$

MEDIACOM SPORTJUMP: the 2.0 jump rope. It tells you the number and the speed of your jumps. You can connect it with your smatphone, with Bluetooth. 39$


The couch potatoes categories is full of original, crazy things:


LOGITECH K308: A Bluetooth keyboard that you can connect with all of your home devices (pc, ipad, smartphones). A geek-must-have gift. 47$

D LINK HOME: A sensor who tells you if someone open your windows or the door of your home, when you’re out. You can simply connect the devices with the app on your smartphone. 45$

CHIPOLO: Is a small-object connected to Bluetooth. You can hook it with the objects you ever lost, for example, your keys, and you can see the position of the object in your smartphones. 24$


The must-have for the adventurers! I definitely want it!


POWER ME USB CABLE: a smart usb cable who connects two devices, for example your tablet and your phone. If your phone is over, it can be recharged with the tablet. You can also exchange file between them. 10$

OLLO CLIP: It’s a camera lenses to hang over the camera of your phone, to take professional photos with your smartphone. 59$ (9 dollars over your budget, but it’s definitely too cool to unwrap it).

JBL GO: it’s a super-compact speaker in the usual quality of JBL, and you can use it also during a walk, because of the strap for hang over your pants. 29$


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