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Here we are! Sorry guys for being so distant these days but I’ve been so busy working!
I’ve a little story to tell you guys:
Yesterday I was going around  Milan in some beautiful stores and while I was looking at them, there was something that caught my eye. It was a dreamy “Camouflage Jacket” I saw on  Gucci‘s shop-window!! It couldn’t be possible that such a vintage and cool jacket was there, with all of those other “posh” and elegant things…So i went inside and also if it was soo expansive i bought it! And right now i feel like I’m a USA soldier and I’m ready to fight  for the future of my nation!!! ahha just kidding!:D

Any way this is the Outfit I had, see if you like it AND LEMME KNOW, and then read the last note under the gallery pictures!
peace and rock guys!


Well now that you have seen all of these stupid pictures i can tell you the truth, that is my best friend uncle’s hunting Jacket and I stole it last night because it was his birthday and I was drunk and I was freezing so i just took it :D But I mean seriously, the point is:
didn’t you think that it was the best Camouflage Jacket ever? Just because I said it was Gucci and Camouflage at the same time! And isn’t it even cooler now that it has a different value?
Oscar Wilde said: We know the price of anything and the value of nothing.
Think about it!

Peace out!

Ciao ragazzi, scusate per l assenza prolungata di questi giorni ma sono stato molto impegnato con il lavoro.
Ho da raccontarvi una piccola storiella in compenso: Ieri stavo passeggiando per Milano tra vari negozi, quando qualcosa attirò la mia attenzione…Era questa “Giacchetta camouflage” la cui particolarità era che si trovava nella vetrina di GUCCI! Era così incredibile che un qualcosa di così vintage e cool fosse li in mezzo a quelle cose così sfarzose ed eleganti.
Così sono entrato e anche se il prezzo era (ovviamente) da GUCCI l’ho acquistata e sapete cosa? Ora mi sento un Marine pronto a lottare per la libertà del suo paese! haha
Comunque questo era l outfit fatemi sapere se vi garba!



  1. What? Way to be incredibly sneaky with your readers :D Touché. You make your point well. I was totally believing the first story, haha.

    “Well now that you have seen all of these stupid pictures” – LOL. You crack me up, man.

    Fun post! And the Camouflage Jacket is pretty awesome. Agreed!

  2. Ho appena scoperto che mi segui su Twitter, ma li sono una newbie e ancora non mi sono decisa a volerci capire qualcosa. Hai un bellissimo blog, grafica semplice, pulita e belle foto. Ti seguo volentieri ;)

    PS: ops scusa il post era per il gilet, molto bello soprattutto abbinato alla camicia di jeans

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