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A new fashion week is over, and it was stunning.

I’m talking about the Fashion Forward in Dubai, the middle-east catwalk to present new trends and interesting designers, which took place on 22 to 25 October.

A large number of designers attended this event, launching fabulous women’s haute couture collections, but we will talk about new menswear designers to focus on new exciting trends.

It was impossible to remain indifferent to Michael Cinco, a Dubai-based Filipino designer, that is best-known for his fabulous couture gowns. His innate creativity and masterful techniques have catapulted him to the front ranks of fashion.

Michael’s celebrity clients include Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez and many other. He’s also a costume designer, for example he designed several costumes for Mila Kunis for the sci-fi blockbuster movie Jupiter Ascending.

He has cultivated a dedicated following for the luxe and intricacy of designs, with their fresh, elegant and detailed juxtapositions of fabric and Swarovsky elements.


Another innovative fashion brands is House of Nomad. The style is absolutely minimal: the label is based on the premise of a nomad: a wander with no geographic boundaries, living in perpetual motion from one temporary dwelling to another. The regional style-set have already adopted the Nomad lifestyle, and the designer’s unique concept is sure to make an impact this season.

Absolutely street, instead, is the concept of Starch Foundation. This brand is composed by three designers, Joe Arida, Nour Najem and Mira Hayek. They founded this brand after they working for important brands like Elie Saab. They launched a street-sartorial line, using high quality fabric and a cheerful and fresh style, recognizable by flat lines and geometries.

Mashael Alrajhi is the most minimal-chic brand of the week. With his clean line, he launched a clack and white collection, very innovative in the use of fabrics. He expertly mixed minimalism and avant grade sophistication, creating a very strong collection.

Mashael AlRajhi is a designer who has built an atelier that has the artisan’s value for perfection in an unlikely equilibrium with an artist’s passion to create. This luxury brand is young, in fact it was born in 2013, but he debut in Paris and London this year.

Courtesy of Fashion Forward (biographies and photos) and Getty Images


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