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  After the roller coaster ride of emotions that followed the wedding, we finally got the chance to decompress, relax, and just celebrate the fact that we are officially MR AND MRS. DI VAIO!!! And which better way could there have been to celebrate, than to spend the first couple of days as a married couple in the beautiful country of Mexico! Even though I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world, this was actually my first time in Mexico… and let me tell you; MÉXICO ES MUY BONITO! The country has a particular vibe to it, and it’s so tangible, that you feel it the moment you get off the plane.

AND LET’S FACE It… when you’re being constantly catered by the amazing hospitality of the #KarismaExperience always available for everything we asked throughout our stay. They really allowed us to just soak in the paradise set before us, by providing for every single need we had.

Amongst the many resorts pertaining to the Karisma Experience branch, we stayed in the El dorado spa resorts & hotels by karisma , located in the Riviera Maya. It’s specifically designated for “adult-only” guests, and its easily one of the most romantic locations you’ll ever have the chance of visiting. It’s recognized as one of the most prestigious and luxurious places to have your honeymoon, and understandably so. Even the specialized gourmet food was amazing –which is difficult for me to admit, seeing that I am Italian, and am extremely proud of my country’s culinary fame!

But strangely enough, it was the small-unexpected things done by the staff; like seeing the romantic decor on the bed every time it was made, or even being serenaded by a saxophonist at dinner (as seen on my Instagram)! It was so awesome/hilarious, that it seemed like at some points, we were in a typical romance-comedy movie setting…but it made our stay that much more memorable and fun.

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  1. I loved following your honeymoon via IG and now your blog post. I’m so glad you enjoyed Mexico! I’m an American living in MEX and it’s definitely a special place. Please come back soon! Congratulations on your wedding!

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