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Celebrating Woman’s day with mommy!

This year there are a hundred of first times for my son Nathan Leone. First Christmas, first holidays, but today Leo surprised me with his first gentleman’s act!

In Italy today is the National Woman’s day, and every self-respecting gentleman uses to gift her woman with a bouquet of mimosas. Off course I bought one for my wife, but you’ll never guess what’s happened when I put the yellow bouquet on the sofa, to call Eleonora. Leo literally stole my mimosas to gift them to her mommy!

He embezzled my flowers and there’s no way to take them away from him! But when he saw Ele, he candidly offer the bouquet to her mom, all the joy of the world in his eyes. A that point, when the mommy heart of my wife was completely melted, Nathan looked at me victoriously. Hugh, he’s got his daddy’s sense of humor and he also knows how to show a girl a good time, damn!

By the way, do you like this little gentleman’s outfit?


Questo è l’anno delle prime volte per il piccolo Nathan Leone. Il primo Natale, le prime vacanze.. ma oggi Leo mi ha sorpreso più del solito, con il suo primo gesto da gentleman.

Oggi in Italia è la festa della donna, e qualsiasi gentiluomo che si rispetti regala un mazzo di mimose alla sua donna. Ovviamente anche io ne ho comprato uno per mia moglie, ma non vi immaginerete mai cosa è successo quando l’ho appoggiato sul divano, per chiamare Eleonora. Leo mi ha letteralmente rubato il bouquet, per regalarlo a sua mamma!

Si è appropriato del mazzetto giallo e non c’è stato modo di toglierglielo. Poi, appena ha visto Ele, gli ha candidamente offerto le mimose, con tutta la gioia del mondo negli occhi. A quel punto, quando il cuore di mamma di mia moglie era completamente sciolto, mi ha guardato, e giuro di avergli visto un’aria trionfante! Non solo ha il mio senso dell’umorismo, ma il piccolo Leo ci sa già fare con le ragazze, dannazione!

Scherzi a parte, vi piace il suo look da piccolo gentleman?


  1. Nathan is incredibly cute and he looks smart here, enough to charm mummy. I just remembered that I made a shirt for my son when he was 2 years old and it’s like what little Nathan is wearing here but there’s a narrow length of pinstripes, about 2″ wide on the left side of the shirt..paired it up with black pants. I let him wore it on the day of my sister’s wedding.
    So I’m wondering if you are going to start a collection of kids clothes with Nathan as your muse? Well, it’s great to have a glance in here and am very impressed! Keep up the good work and God bless!

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