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The reasons why I had to make this post is, ‘coz I’ve seen these amazing fashion images with croatian top model Tatjana Dragovic, and I just couldn’t stop looking at them. I mean there is so much going on in these pictures, it actually feel not right to say pictures like it’s not enough to describe them, this are all masterpieces of art “in my personal opinion” of course.
These pretty spectacular images for L’Uomo Vogue, were actually shot by amazing fashion photographer Michel Comte with Tatjana Dragovic a 90′s model, featured on  Beauty and the Beast L’Uomo Vogue editorial. 
This is just something I’ve seen randomly on THIS website on internet and I wanted to share it with you my friends because I think it’s something inspiring and
something that makes you dream for 5 minutes at least.

It’s a pleasure to host an amazing photographer and amazing model such as Michel Comte & Tatjana Dragovic.

Talk to you soon with more Girls Corner’s blog posts.






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(L’Uomo Vogue Michel Comte Instagram wolfcubchronicles.com )


  1. Stunning and inspiring photos right there. Especially the black and white shot with the zebra and the one with the elephant are amazing :)

    best wishes ;)

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