‘I wear your grandad’s clothes, I look incredible’. This is what Macklemore sang in his more than famous Thrift Shop. And you know what? He was absolutely right and somewhat prophetic. The shirts our grandads wore in the 50s are now back and they’re making a roar as the hippest spring/summer 2016 trend men need to try now.

It’s all about looking and feeling relaxed. It’s all about man caves, billiards and a refreshing Tom Collins by the pool or on the golf course. This is exactly what the biggest designers went for when they presented their amazing 50s inspired shirts on the runway.

Raf Simons kept everything down to a minimum with their gorgeous caramel and maroon shirt. It’s short rolled up sleeves, classic color and plaid top half make you reminisce of the great American 50s diners. Elvis is playing in the background and the smell of French fries wafts slowly through the air. There’s no one better than Raf Simons to paint such a clear picture via clothes.


Canali shares the same minimalist view as Raf Simons. The fashion house came forward with a powdery blue plain 50s shirt, the like you would have seen worn by Charlie Sheen or Matthew Perry in your favorite sitcoms. This was back in the 90s, when the 50s shirt made another attempt to come back, in the shape of the famous one stripe, color block bowling shirt.


Louis Vuitton, however, steps up and revamps the 50s shirts, turning it into a veritable silky embroidered work of art. The color is absolutely outstanding. The groundbreaking house of Vuitton has managed to deliver the perfect androgynous color on the perfect androgynous shirt. You simply don’t know where to draw the line.

It has a masculine cut, but a demi sleeve length. It comes in a stupendous faded and dusty pink color, perfect for the modern and edgy man, but it’s made of silk. It has a bird-and-flower embroidery all across its chest, but it needs to be tucked into masculine pants. According to Louis Vuitton, the future of fashion is here.

It seems as if we don’t need time machines anymore. Great designers can turn back time with a thrusting of the needle.

Credits: Heather R. Carlson (text) Getty Images (pics)

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