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Hello my friends!!
Here you have 15 fashion random looks I’ve done for a catalogue !! I thought it could have been good for you to see it, because if you pay attention there is some jackets that had been used 3 times, but it always look different!!

Take inspiration, and if you want I’ll make a new post with all the links where you can buy this things! Stay tuned, I’ll upload it tomorrow!
Much love


Ciao a tutti ragazzi come andiamo?
Qui potete vedere 15 look differenti, ma se ci fate attenzione alcuni sono stati composti con gli stessi capi solo mixati in maniera diversa.. Un buon modo per prendere inspirazione e vedere come con le stesse cose si può
sembrare sempre diversi..

Domani farò un post con i link per acquistare alcune di queste cose se vi piacciono.. Rimanete sintonizzati!!

Un abbracciosit 13 29274 sit 11 29220 sit 5 28998 Sit 1 28711 sit 2 28766 sit 4 28898 sit 6 29023 sit 6 29134 sit 7 29149 sit 8 29188 sit 15 29365 sit 10 29177 sit 10 29217 sit 12 29260 sit 14 29324



  1. Wow Mariano, You are definitely flawless! I SO love your style, your hair, your blog, and the fact you care enough to ask us what we think! Thank you so much for this and definitely this is an inspiration for my everyday outfit. When the moment’s right and I get to say I have learned I’ll show you. Take care.

  2. You’re so amazing! I love your style, your hair too. You look so nice, gentle and happy.
    Love you so much, I hope to see you soon, in France (Strasbourg) ’cause it’s my country, Strasbourg is where I study, can make a little visit of this town.
    Kisses from France, Mariano. <3

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