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To be noticed without striving to be noticed, this is what elegance is about. -Luciano Barbera When I think about coats, sophistication is the word that comes to mind. Maybe because this garment reminds me of a gentleman: my grandfather. When I was child, my grandfather used to wear a boiled wood coat, and I […]

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There’s something kind of magical about this place: it’s like everybody’s got a little piece of New York in their heart. The first time, the hundredth time, the sensation is always the same: it’s like New York City lives inside of us, with its busy streets and its huge skyscrapers, with its green lung in […]

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Winter sales are here, and you should profit by it and shopping the hottest total look of this season! Up to 70% off, Nohow sales are the best of its category. I made sure of that myself, to offer you the best shopping experience ever! I would like you to know that even my new […]

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There’s a special games to play during the Fashion Weeks. You should be classy without being too stiff, you should wear street style clothes resulting sophisticated, and you must avoid one thing above all others: banality! Banality is the key to lose this game, definitely. Ok, but how to win without looking like a “circus […]

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She’s twelve years old, but she’s a natural. Her acting skills are an innate talent, and she proved that with her Stranger Things role as Eleven. If the Netflix production Stranger Things is so great, is also for Millie ( ..and Wynona Ryder, Gaten Marrazzo, Charlie Heaton, and the amazing photography, the incredible soundtrack… oh, […]

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Look at these photos, don’t you think “Ohhh, these children are sooo cute!” And you have to know something: these child are not only cute, they’re super cool! The Seoul Fashion Week is different because of this babes! Men and women are very stylish, but their child are even better! The trend that we saw […]

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