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Beards are still a huge trend amongst guys and they’re only getting better as time goes on. With 2016 here many dudes are wondering what the latest beard styles are and how they can grow similar beards. We’ve gathered some amazing facial hair styles for you to get inspired. Here you can find all the beard styles […]

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Choachella is more than a festival, is a beautiful Agora where little celebs bloom like a flowers. It’s the case of Brooklyn, Beckham’s son and one of the best-dressed dude of Indio’s festival. He definitely inherited the fashion gene from his mum Victoria, rocking a Gucci red blossom print shirt with Ray-Bans over the weekend. […]

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Hey guys, today I would like to introduce you to my new Polar A360 watch. As always known it’s not the first time I talk about this brand, but now that its function have been totally improved and tripled I had to let you guys know about all the novelties. The new polar A360 it’s […]

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Hey guys what’s up? It’s always a great feeling when I’m here in-front of my computer with a lot of things to write. What I mean by “It’s good to be blue” is that whenever I wear blue shades I fell great, I mean blue is one of the colors that makes me feel better […]

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How best to celebrate the song—and cover star—of the moment? With one epic lip-synch battle! Kendall, Cara, Big Sean, Parris Goebel (RiRi’s choreographer!), and other fierce and illustrious members of Rihanna’s Navy put their own spin on Work, now in its fourth week at No. 1. I found this amazing thing on Vogue (obviously), and […]

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Look at these photos, don’t you think “Ohhh, these children are sooo cute!” And you have to know something: these child are not only cute, they’re super cool! The Seoul Fashion Week is different because of this babes! Men and women are very stylish, but their child are even better! The trend that we saw […]

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