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  BOHEMIAN IS THE NEW DANDY Poncho, hand painted details, inscription and graphic, abstract patterns, pants with large legs, these are some of the main distinctive features of the Bohemian Street Style. The terms “Bohemian” was used in XIX century to describe the unconventional life of artist, musician and actors in European Countries. A bohemian […]

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The couture week in Paris is the most high expression of the world of Haute Couture. Avant garde, clothing from the next century, new fabrics and lines, unknown geometries. In a world, perfection. This week offer also the opportunity for a hundred fashionistas to show their own style, so during this time we can saw […]

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Saint Valentine is not just a holiday. It’s a tradition where you can show your love to your soulmate. This is definitely not easy: for a man, choosing the right gift for the girlfriend is like mission impossible, one must avoid the bombs and choose the thing that makes her say ”ooooh, I love it!” […]

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Yeah, this happened. David Beckham is the new designer (and face!) of two H&M collections. These are the Modern Essential selected by David Beckham and David Beckham Bodywear collections, and we love it. The new collections are absolutely cool: the minimal attitude, the comfortable fabrics, the sportwear expertly mixed with glam, this elements make Modern […]

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Oh. Yeah. Well, we need to talk about this. The #1 male model in the world, finally did it. Derek Zoolander creates an Instagram account, and it’s a bomb. In collaboration with Valentino, (VALENTINO!), he creates his profile to show to the world his last adventures. Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, all of the […]

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The age of Instagram is giving us a lot of fulfillment! You can be original, beautiful or super-creative, or, as in the case of Hawkeye Huey, all of this things. Followers will reward you, in the most democratic way. Untill becoming from a star of Instagram to a professional photographer. Even if you’re 5 years […]

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