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Hi guys! I’m leaving for New York tomorrow, for the legendary New York Fashion Week, so today it’s a crazily buzy day! First of all, I have to do a hundred things at MDV and NOHOW Headquarters before leaving! For a day like this, it’s essential to dress comfortable but, at the same time, I […]

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There’s something kind of magical about this place: it’s like everybody’s got a little piece of New York in their heart. The first time, the hundredth time, the sensation is always the same: it’s like New York City lives inside of us, with its busy streets and its huge skyscrapers, with its green lung in […]

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The F/W collection by Nohow is insane. MADE IN ITALY QUALITY First of all, it’s made in Italy, and this is a great starting point, because Italian made is a quality label, the guarantee of high quality. When you shop a made in Italy cloth, you can be sure that the materials are really good […]

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Ops, I did it again! I cannot resist to street style! And New York is the best place ever to be inspired! You know, NY City is the place where it all began. I was studying at the NYFA, not enough change in my poket, and so many ideas and dreams! I was looking for […]

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MTV VMAs red carpet is definitely the most pop red carpet of the year. Not the classier, absolutely not, because the keyword is “fancy”, and not “chic”. In fact, chic can be the added value that makes you the best dressed, but it’s not an essential. Pop, colored, glamour, these are the VMAs red carpet […]

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Look at these photos, don’t you think “Ohhh, these children are sooo cute!” And you have to know something: these child are not only cute, they’re super cool! The Seoul Fashion Week is different because of this babes! Men and women are very stylish, but their child are even better! The trend that we saw […]

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